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Aug 21

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[Demo] [Download] [Designed by: Monique]

Thanks to Monique from and for this theme.  She would also like to announce that is looking for cowebs.  If you are interested, please apply using the form at


Aug 20

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You can apply for a free no-ads hosting account here, which will be available until the enter of summer.  We’re looking for sites of the following types:

-Personal sites
-Design sites
-Sites on our adoption list
-Sites in our wanted list
-Sites on a subdomain permanently, e.g.,, and don’t require a domain name in the future


-Your site must be a type of site listed above.
-Your site must use a reasonable amount of traffic, if it’s enormous it gets too expensive to host without the ads.
-Note that since the point is to not have ads, you can’t run any of your own ads either.
-It must be a new fansite, you can’t remove the ad on a site you already have, because we are looking for new fanlistings, and for some of the sites that haven’t been adopted to find a new owner :).
-Please don’t request a subdomain for this if you intend to request a domain name, we want sites that are happy using the subdomain permanently

So basically if you open a new fansite before summer ends, you can get an ad-free account :)  It’s only available on one of our specific servers.  To apply, email us the application from and indicate that you are applying for a no-ads account.




Aug 14

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Aug 13

Written By: Filed Under: Site News

A hostee email has been sent out, if you didn’t receive it please email us.

Reminder: 2 more days for the summer theme design contest


Aug 12

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WordPress Theme #13

[Demo] [Download] [Designed by: Lucinda Sawyer]

New summer wordpress theme, this is a very simple theme that’s easy to use. :)  Enter the summer theme design contest to submit your own summer theme :)



Aug 11

Written By: Filed Under: Site News

WordPress Theme #12

[Demo] [Download] [Designed by:]

We have a new summer theme thanks to

Enter the ummer theme design contest to submit your own summer theme :)


Aug 06

Written By: Filed Under: Site News

We’re making a new contest to design wordpress and coppermine summer themes for our themes directory at If you want to get an idea of how a themes contest works, see our last themes contest page which a lot of people participated in.  Some people requested another contest, if they didn’t get a chance to enter the last one and missed that one.  There will be winning prizes for at least 2 wordpress themes, and 1 coppermine theme.  If a lot of HQ themes are submitted we will consider additional prizes.

Entries so far:


To enter, create a summer theme following the rules below, and email your theme to  If you would like feedback back first before you finish, you can email us a preview and we’ll let you know whether to continue it.

In response to the question in the comment how the winners are selected,

We select them :)  We’ll decide winners are they are submitted, basically if the layout is very HQ it will be selected as a winner automatically, if its borderline, not very HQ, or we aren’t sure, we’ll post a preview and if a lot of people request it, then it will be decided as a winner.


  • If you plan to enter the contest, please let us know asap by email, or post a comment to this post.  We want to know how many people will be entering.
  • Summer colors.  The design must use summer colors [example]
  • Simplicity.  The header file must be easily editable.  Please don’t submit themes that require complex slicing and requires someone to re-slice, re-save, and re-code the whole file.  Since they are themes that people should be able to use for any celebrity fansite, the theme should be easy to use and edit.
  • Editable files.  Please include a .psd file of all editable regions, and a copy of any special fonts you use.
  • Ads. Must have an ad space for both a 728×90 and 300×250 ads which are visible without scrolling.  The 300×250 can be at the top of the sidebar.
  • Links.  Must contain the text “hosted by” or “” as a graphic on the layout, that links back to us.  See this theme as an example, note the “” text in the heart graphic.
  • There isn’t a limit to how many themes you can submit, as long as they are very different from each other.
  • The theme contest ends August 15th.  We’ll review entries as they are entered so we’ll tell you asap once you enter if the entry is selected.  There won’t be any voting.

Please don’t submit themes that don’t follow the rules above because we won’t be able to accept it and we don’t want you to put in a lot of work into a theme and it doesn’t get accepted because it didn’t follow the contest rules.


  • There will be at least 3 prizes, each prize will be a 15 pounds/$24 gift cards to itunes, or amazon.  Additional prizes will be considered if many HQ themes are submitted.
  • You can choose to substitute the prize for a gift card to another site, or a link to your site our main page, if we approve your request.

Entries so far:

We’ll be posting them here as they are entered.

Aug 04

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Coppermine Theme #13

[Demo] [Download] [Designed by: Monique]

Thanks to Monique from Visual-Dreams.Com and for donating the theme :)  Check out her full collective of sites: