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Jan 28

Written By: Filed Under: Site News

Here are some of our recent hostees Since December (December 1, 2011- January 28th, 2012.  Some of these are include new hostees from the Xmas promotion.  We are still cleaning up this list, some sites are coming soon or have an outdated screenshot.  They are listed below in order from oldest to most recent.  Domains that aren’t open yet after 2 weeks or so may be available for adoption.  The screenshots are still being made as of the time of this post and should be finished in a few hours.

Click the link below to see the full list (over 500), only the first 10 or so are shown below since the page is very long.

Hostees Since December 1, 2011

[thumbshot url=] [thumbshot url=] [thumbshot url=] [thumbshot url=] [thumbshot url=] [thumbshot url=] [thumbshot url=] [thumbshot url=] [thumbshot url=] [thumbshot url=]




Jan 19

Written By: Filed Under: Site News


We would like to announce the 2012 Valentines Day Theme Design Contest.  In this contest, you will create a Valentine’s Day WordPress theme for our themes directory at  We will keep the rules short and simple as some of you may be familiar with it already.

How to enter

1. To submit a theme, please leave a comment here that you will be entering.  When you are finished with the theme, please email it to us along with a psd of the editable regions and a list of fonts.  The theme is for wordpress (not coppermine).
2. Please leave a room for a 300×250 in the header and 728×90 above the fold.   [Example]
3. The theme will be for WordPress and must be easy to use and edit for different celebrities, and not based on widgets
4. Themes must be your own original designs, and by submitting the theme you agree to give us permission for unlimited use of the themes.  Once submitted, a theme cannot be removed.
5. There must be a graphical link to in the header image somewhere, example, the following in this theme.  It is an example, please don’t copy and paste this exact image

6. The sidebar needs to be able to fit a banner that is 300 pixels wide (e.g., you can make it 350 pixels).

There will be 2 winners, possibly more if more high quality themes are submitted.  Each person will receive a 15 pound (about $25) iTunes gift card.  Your credit will remain permanently on the theme, and we can promote your design site.  If you want something else instead of an itunes gift card we can try to substitute it.  We will decide the winners as soon as we receive the entries, and you will know asap, there’s no specific end date of the contest, it will end on Valentine’s Day.



Jan 18

Written By: Filed Under: Site News

We are looking for fansites on the following celebrities/shows/subjects:
-Hunger Games
-Big Bang Theory
-One direction (adopt
-Cameron Diaz (adopt
-Tom Cruise
-Emma Stone

To apply, please send us the form from

Jan 15

Written By: Filed Under: Site News

Today is our 4th year online since the opening of our fansite hosting site (even though we have been in the fansites world for a while before we opened the hosting site). Thanks to everyone who has contributed to the site in any way. And thanks to all of our loyal hostees and supporters who have been with us through everything.  Our plans this year include creating a fansites directory, revamping 500 blank domains, reach 10,000 followers, 5000 facebook likes, and more.  We want to try to get some fansites up on some celebrities or topics that we don’t have yet, and will continue to provide tribute fansites to all the celebrities that inspire us all.

Thanks for these birthday graphics:

(from )


Jan 04

Written By: Filed Under: Site News

We’ve finally selected the winners for the Breakthrough fansite awards contest that we posted a while back.  There were many high quality entries, and it was very difficult to choose.  Thanks to pili from for helping us in the selection process.  We’ll be posting more contests soon, so stay tuned for those.

We’ll be contacting the sites and sending you a banner soon.

English fansites – the fansite for everything Adam Richard Sandler

IrinaShaykClub.Com – your best and only source about Russian supermodel Irina Shayk

Ashley-Benson.Us – your number one and ultimate fan source for Ashley Benson

International fansites: - Spanish source about the talented singer and actress Selena Gomez

RihannaFenty.Us – The Best Rihanna Fansite in Romania For Your Daily Dose Of Rihanna Fenty News