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Feb 14

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[Demo] [Download] [Designed by: z-deschanel.net]


Feb 13

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We have a new layout in time for Valentines Day, thanks to Deea & Gabrielle from 21 Guns Productions (twentyoneguns.org).  If you like this layout, you can order one from their design site.  Check our their portfolio, and place an order. :)  Feel free to visit their collection of fansites including demilovatodaily.com, nina-dobrev.org, gellarfan.org/sarahmichellefan.com, nicole-anderson.com, and more.  We hope you like the new layout, please leave a comment below with what you think of it.

Also, if you are starting a new fansite or know someone who is, don’t forget to check out the valentines day promotion.


Feb 12

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The designer from hopelessplace.net made two buttons for us, feel free to use these to link back to us


Feb 09

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[Demo] [Download] [Designed by: Nickole/hopelessplace.net]


Feb 08

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We’re trying to get a new layout up for Valentine’s day, and are looking for some pictures with red/pink colors in them, or would work for a valentine’s day layout.  We will then send them to the designer so she can use them in the layout.  If you have any picture ideas, please post a link in the comments on this post.  You can just upload them to tinypic.com, photobucket.com, or any other image host.  The picture should be high resolution if possible but if its a lower resolution but a good picture it might be ok too.  If for some reason you don’t want to write a comment you can email it to us.  Thanks!



Feb 07

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[Demo] [Download] [Designed by: Jessie-J.Org]


Feb 04

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[Demo] [Download] [Designed by: Kayla & Sabina / delightful-designs.org]


Feb 04

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Valentine’s Day WordPress Theme #1 is released

[Demo] [Download] [Designed by: Todorgadjalov.com]

If you use the theme, take a screenshot and email it to us, and we’ll try to plug your site here.  We want to see how people are using the themes :)



Feb 03

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We are doing an English fansites promotion, similar to the . christmas domain promotion that we did a couple weeks ago.  For this promotion, all English fansites applications will be accepted, up until Valentine’s Day.  Every english fansite application before Valentine’s day will be accepted, with a few simple rules below.

1. The primary language of your fansite must be in English.  International fansites with multiple versions are ok as long as you have an active English version (preferably, the main language of the site should be in English.)  No domains with country names or abbreviations.

2. Domain requests must be for the main site and not forum, galleries, etc.  The domain requests should be for new sites, and not adoptions.

3. The site must be open and the site pages completed within 1 week.  If you are ordering a layout, you can use one of our free themes in the meantime, but the content pages and a layout must be up.

4. You must demonstrate through the application that you are serious about the site, either through a preview or other information.  Domains can’t be changed so please make sure that your choice of domain is final and you are 100% sure.

To apply through this promotion, email us the regular application form and include this sentence in the application: “I agree to keep the site in English, I understand that the domain can’t be changed, and I agree to open the site in 1 week including the complete content and a layout.”






Feb 03

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A while ago, the previous owner of FanZoom.Net decided to sell his fansite hosting network to us.  FanZoom.Net is a fansite hosting network that was started in 2007 and hosted a network of fansites including Katy-Perry.Net and TaylorLautner.Org.  The transfer process has already completed for some time now.  All accounts have been upgraded to FanFusion unmetered accounts, and all hostees will be required to follow the rules of our network from now on including ad code rules.  We have already sent an email about this.  If you are a FanZoom hostee and have not received the email, please email us from the email associated with your account and include your site URL and we will resend it to you.

Most domains were owned by the host and have already been transferred to us, but for any remaining domains, you should have received an email regarding a domain request which you will need to complete.  Any domains that were up for adoption before have been merged with our list of domains for adoption and are still up for adoption.

In addition, subdomains will now be available at fanzoom.net.  This means you can apply for a URL such as username.fanzoom.net  Many subdomains on fanfusion.org with common usernames (e.g., the names of celebrities) have already been taken.  If you wanted a certain username at fanfusion.org but it was taken, this gives you a chance to still have the username you wanted, just with a different base domain.  The applications have been merged and you can apply for a subdomain at either hosting site using our application form.  We have a coweb who will be helping out to manage Fanzoom.net and setting up subdomains there.