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May 29

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The application form page has been updated to make it easier to see the application form questions and apply.

To apply for hosting, email with the answers to the following 3 questions:

1. The URL you want (subdomains note: must be or, no requests here)
2. A full screenshot of your high quality layout
3. The URL you want circled on the full screenshot of your layout

Example of a good application


May 28

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This tutorial will show you how to make an application to make sure that you will get hosted, and some examples of applications that are accepted and not accepted. If your application doesn’t have the required information, it will get deleted. We consider only applications that contain all the needed info, the rest are just deleted. Please don’t waste time sending an application that isn’t correct.  This tutorial is mostly for new hostess.  It may not apply to you if you already have an established site hosted with us.


The information you need
To get hosted, you need 3 things:
1. The URL you want
2. A full screenshot of your high quality layout
3. The URL you want circled on the full screenshot of your layout


How applications are screened

First screening – these have 0 chances of being accepted and are immediately deleted

  • No preview [example]
  • Preview is for another subject or site than the one in the application [example]
  • Preview has a different url than the one requested. [example: requests glee but submits this]
  • Preview has no url [example], [example2], [example3]
  • coming soon pages [example]
  • changing a domain name.  as agreed, domains cannot be changed
  • requesting an unavailable domain name
  • requesting a subddomain.  it would need to be or as the extension and subdomains are permanent subdomains and require special approval.  You cannot get these through the regular application process.
Do not waste your time with a hosting request if you haven’t submitted all the required information – chances of accepted are 0.  There are too many incorrect applications and we don’t have time to deal with these, we consider only applications that are filled out completely filled out correctly.

Second screening – if you have submitted a proper layout for consideration, we will consider these applications next

  • Applications with low quality layout are deleted
  • We cannot accept applications based on promises to order the layout, most people who do this change their mind about the site completely.

Guaranteed ways to get a domain

  • Show proof of consistent 200 visitors/day on a subdomain from us.  Put this tracker on your website: extreme
  • Order a layout from an approved designer.  We guarantee to get the domain right after you show proof of your order.  In the extremely unlikely event that the domain you wanted is taken in the 24 hours that you order the layout, you can choose an alternative domain.  We are aware of design sites and forums who require that you have a site first, and they know about us and that we do this.  Requests to order from other designers will be considered, but it’s easier to use one that has already been approved.
  • Show a full high quality layout preview.
Guaranteed ways to get a subdomain (e.g.,
  • Show a decent quality layout preview



May 19

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Akismet has been updated on all wordpress sites to the latest version

If you didn’t have it installed previously, it has now been installed and activated.

Akismet is the plugin that blocks comments spam in wordpress.