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Jun 30

Written By: Filed Under: Site News

Summer WordPress Theme Base #1

[Demo] [Download] [Designed by: sixasixoyee]


Jun 20

Written By: Filed Under: Site News

We’re currently looking for a designer who can help us with some designs on several sites.  You must have a portfolio of high quality graphics and be available for at least 10-20 hours/week for the whole summer (through end of August).  (You will be given a lot of design “orders”).  In return for helping we can send you a gift card or payment for a modest amount every two weeks or so.  To be considered, please email us your portfolio link and why you would like to help.

If you’re not a designer yourself but know a good designer who is available, please let us know.

Thanks :)






Jun 06

Written By: Filed Under: Site News

Summer is here! And so is the 2012 Summer Theme Base Design contest. For this contest, you will create a summer-themed WordPress theme base for our themes directory at You know the rules.

How to enter

1. To submit a theme, please leave a comment here that you will be entering.  When you are finished with the theme, please email it to us along with a psd of the editable regions and a list of fonts.  The theme can be for wordpress or coppermine.
2. Please leave a room for a 300×250 in the header and 728×90 above the fold.   [Example]
3. The theme will be for WordPress or Coppermine and must be easy to use and edit for different celebrities, and not based on widgets
4. Themes must be your own original designs, and by submitting the theme you agree to give us permission for unlimited use of the themes.  Once submitted, a theme cannot be removed.
5. There must be a graphical link to in the header image somewhere, example, the following in this theme.  It is an example, please don’t copy and paste this exact image

6. The sidebar needs to be able to fit a banner that is 300 pixels wide (e.g., you can make it 350 pixels).
7. Please use <?php bloginfo(‘template_url’); ?> for the template path instead of a path such as wp-content/themes/fanfusionspringtheme, since we will be renaming the theme.

There will be 2-4 winners for WordPress Themes, possibly more if more high quality themes are submitted.  Each person will receive a 15 pound (about $25) iTunes gift card.  Your credit will remain permanently on the theme, and we can promote your design site.  If you want something else instead of an itunes gift card we can try to substitute it.  We will decide the winners as soon as we receive the entries, and you will know asap, there’s no specific end date of the contest, it will end on the last day of the month (June 31st).