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Jul 03

Written By: Filed Under: Site News

I’m looking for a couple of testers to help with some site projects. Basically, I’m looking for people who can help to test things, find errors, and give their opinions and feedback on various issues on a regular basis for the summer. For now I’m looking for volunteers, and in return we can put promote your site on the sidebar or work out something else (and you will get to be one of the first users on the site when it opens). Although if you are able to contribute a lot we might be able to work something out for a payment or gift card, etc (obviously I wouldn’t be able to do that for everyone, possibly only 2-3 people, so it would have to be a more significant contribution that would be more time consuming). If you want to sign up just send me an email or leave your email here and you’ll be included on our email discussions :)