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Oct 30

Written By: Filed Under: Site News

[Demo] [Download] [Designed by: itsjustmary]

If you use the theme, take a screenshot and email it to us, and we’ll try to plug your site here.  We want to see how people are using the themes :)


Oct 25

Written By: Filed Under: Site News

Perfect-Look.Org is looking for 1-3 people to participate in some extensive feedback sessions for the project. It’s not difficult but you do need to be serious and have a genuine interest in the site. In return, you can choose to receive a payment or gift card for your help.

You must be available for at the minimum 10 hours/week (strongly preferred) or 5 hours/week. Unfortunately under 5-10 hours/week just won’t be enough time to do this properly and preference will be given to people with higher availability. The exact times we do this are flexible but during that time, you must be available online through messenger. Do not contact us if you are busy, or are not serious about doing this or cannot spend the needed time to do this. We prefer if you are the type of person who leaves your messenger on all the time, even overnight (obviously you may be away at some points, but if you usually leave your messenger on that is preferred).

To apply, please email the admin of the site at perfectlookorg[at] with the following info:
1. how much time do you have per week?
2. what is the price that you would accept for this?
3. how many hours/day do you leave your messenger online?
4. what times are you available for this project?

please do not email about this unless you are 100% sure that you have the time to do this properly

Update: please don’t email to offer 2-3 hours for free, the problem is that it requires a lot of time to do it properly and unfortunately nothing substantial can be done in this amount of time. only email us about this if you are serious about doing this extensively and have the full time that is needed


Oct 23

Written By: Filed Under: Site News

We’re looking for a graphics helper who can work with us on a regular basis (about 10-20+ hours/week). Basically we need a lot of designs for various things and you will be helping us to do them.

There are two main requirements:

1. your designs are high quality – please include a link to your best graphics/design examples when you apply

2. you are online a lot and can do designs quickly, and will be able to work well with us. If you are online even a moderate amount of time, it shouldn’t be difficult to spend the time that is needed, but we do need you to be serious about doing this. E.g., if you agree to make a design the same day you need to be able to do it on the same day, not a day late, please don’t email us about this if you don’t have the time to do it or you are busy. Please do not take a position and agree to do a design by a certain day, then ask us later if you can finish it the next day. Please note that during the times that you are working with us you must be reachable online via messenger, we won’t be sending you orders then waiting for you to complete them on your own. A lot of designs require a lot of revisions from feedback so you need to be available for immediate revisions.

To apply please answer the following questions:

1. how many hours/week are you available? Please note that during this time you will need to be online on messenger where we can reach you
2. the price/week you require
3. link to your best graphics/design examples
4. any other information that would be helpful for us to make a decision

thanks :)


Oct 18

Written By: Filed Under: Site News

Coppermine Theme (Halloween)

[Demo] [Download] [Designed by:]


Oct 15

Written By: Filed Under: Site News

For the 2012 Fall Theme Base Design contest, you will create a fall-themed or Halloween-themed WordPress theme base for our themes directory at You know the rules.

How to enter

1. To submit a theme, please leave a comment here that you will be entering.  When you are finished with the theme, please email it to us along with a psd of the editable regions and a list of fonts.  The theme can be for wordpress or coppermine.
2. Please leave a room for a 300×250 in the header and 728×90 above the fold.   [Example]
3. The theme will be for WordPress or Coppermine and must be easy to use and edit for different celebrities, and not based on widgets
4. Themes must be your own original designs, and by submitting the theme you agree to give us permission for unlimited use of the themes.  Once submitted, a theme cannot be removed.
5. There must be a graphical link to in the header image somewhere, example, the following in this theme.  It is an example, please don’t copy and paste this exact image

6. The sidebar needs to be able to fit a banner that is 300 pixels wide (e.g., you can make it 350 pixels).
7. Please use <?php bloginfo(‘template_url’); ?> for the template path instead of a path such as wp-content/themes/fanfusionspringtheme, since we will be renaming the theme.

There will be at least 2 winners for WordPress Themes, possibly more if more high quality themes are submitted.  There will be 1 winner for a Coppermine theme. Each person will receive a 15 pound (about $25) iTunes gift card or $25 payment.  Your credit will remain permanently on the theme, and we can promote your design site.  If you want an alternative prize let us know and we can try to substitute it.  We will decide the winners as soon as we receive the entries, and you will know asap, there’s no specific end date of the contest, it will end on the last day of the month (October 31st).

Update: The coppermine entries are closed, please submit only WordPress themes now.
The prize for the WordPress themes has been updated to $35 each.

Update (11/10): we are accepting wordpress themes still for fall/Thanksgiving themes (no more halloween themes please)


Oct 10

Written By: Filed Under: Site News

Quick announcement: I’m looking for someone to help make a promo video, if you can help with this please email us. We can send you a gift card or payment for your help. Thanks :)

Note: You must be able to finish it within the needed time, we don’t want someone who agrees to do it within a few days and then can’t finish it by then. Please only email us if you are completely sure that you have the time to do this.

Please include a link to an example video you’ve done that demonstrates your video skills.
thanks :)